Job Information
Risk & Compliance Officer
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Category: Banking/Finance
Minimum Education: College Degree BA/BS
Degree Title:
Minimum Experience: 3 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing: 10/23/2017
Stop Publishing: 12/27/2017

Role Definition

The Risk & Compliance (R&C) Manager will :-

  • assist Line of Business (LoB) leadership in the supervision, monitoring and management (within appetite) of a number of non-market and credit risks, including operational and compliance risks for the LoBs to which they are assigned.
  • assist LoB leadership to drive a strong, embedded risk culture that optimises risk / reward and helps achieve efficient business objectives.
  • protect the business by assisting the business in carrying out effective risk practices and to continuously improve them.
  • be responsible for ensuring that the RCM process is managed and maintained in line with 3 Lines of Defence frameworks and policies (Note : ultimate accountability for LoB risks rests with the GM-1 who manages the LoB).

Major Responsibilities:

Basis : 1LoD responsibilities from 3 lines of defence frameworks and policies

*Note : ultimate accountability for LoB risks rests with the GM-1 who manages the LoB

Risk Culture

Assist LoB leadership in;

-        establishing, maintaining and monitoring a risk aware and safe escalation culture led from the top maintaining clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountability across 1LoD and 2LoD.

-        implementing outcome-focussed risk and control solutions that optimise risk/reward balance.

-        timely and appropriate risk and compliance training of Business Unit staff.

-        driving and embedding a risk and compliance culture and awareness in day-to-day business decisions and business strategic initiatives.

-        operating effectively, within the approved risk & compliance appetite and in line with 3LoD policies and frameworks.

Business Response to Compliance Obligations

Facilitate LoB leadership in working with Specialised Compliance (2LoD) to;

-        identify and understand all of the obligations relevant to the lines of business based on business activities.

-        identify processes that are undertaken in order to comply with each compliance obligation.

-        ensure that compliance plans remain current with legislative changes.

E2E Processes, Risk Profile and Inherent Risk Assessments*

Facilitate LoB leadership in ensuring;

-        processes and procedures have been implemented for managing specific operational risks and compliance risks in the business lines products, activities, processes and systems.

-        the completeness of the risk profile through analysis of the internal business activities/processes to identify inherent risks (operational risks including risk of non-compliance).


E2E Controls*

Responsible for ensuring;

-        completeness of key controls E2E that if operating effectively either reduce the likelihood of the risk occurring or reduce the potential impact if the risk occurred.

-        the ongoing Design and Operating Effectiveness assessment of controls by the 1LOD.



Responsible for ensuring;

-        KCI/KRI and tolerance limits have been agreed in consultation with LoB leadership and 2LoD advisory functions.

-        action plans have been developed by LoB Leadership and implemented to address weaknesses and failures, prioritising areas of focus and securing funding pathways.

-        the LoB ownership of the identification, assessment, management, monitoring and reporting of risks and incidents arising within the business.

-        LoB leadership self-assurance processes to demonstrate continuous operating effectiveness in a structured, documented manner with supporting evidence.

-        regular reviews by LoB management to ensure the ongoing relevance of the risk appetite statement, its supporting metrics and thresholds.

Incident Management

Assist LoB leadership in;

-        identification, assessment, management, monitoring and reporting of operational risks, compliance risks and incidents arising within the business.

-        the complete and accurate recording of incidents and the appropriate assessment and resolution of incidents.


Responsible for ensuring

-        the timeliness and accuracy of risk reporting and management dashboards.


Enhance risk-return within our risk & compliance appetite

Embed adequate controls to mitigate undue risk

Supports the identification and implementation of process and control improvements

Achieve compliance with regulatory obligations.

Key Performance Indicators:


Upward trend in DE and OE of controls

Downward trend in 3LoD Audit Findings (driven by completeness of controls documentation including 1LoD management identified action plans for weaknesses/gaps)

Currency and accuracy of Dashboard KI month on month

Downward trend in the number of qualifications in GM/GM-1 attestations

Positions Requirements:


Risk Specific Competencies

Compliance Knowledge


Policy Development and Implementation


Regulatory Knowledge


Risk Monitoring and Control



Business-wide Competencies





Consulting and Advisory


Continuous Improvement


Influencing and Negotiating




Organisational Values


Planning and Quality


Problem Solving


Project Management


Research, Monitoring and Analysis


People Leadership


Stakeholder Management


Knowledge and Experience:

  • 5+ years of specific business / operations experience in a relevant area of the same or another financial services organisation; or
  • 5+ years of operational risk / compliance management experience in the same or another Business Unit within the Group; or
  • 5+ years of operational risk / compliance management experience in a relevant area in another financial services organisation; or
  • 5+ years of operational risk / compliance management experience in a consulting / audit firm with financial services experience.
  • Demonstrable experience of influencing senior business leadership teams, strategic thinking and prioritisation.
  • Demonstrable experience of translating the complex into the simple and communicating with passion.
  • Relevant industry qualifications (risk, compliance or business-related).

Key Business Relationships/


GM, GM-1, GM-2


Group Assurance

and Enterprise Compliance

Key stakeholders in the E2E value Chain for the Business Unit ( Finance, Risk, IBS,   Technology)

Prefered Skills
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