Job Information
Senior Risk Analyst
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Category: Banking/Finance
Minimum Education: College Degree BA/BS
Degree Title:
Minimum Experience: 3 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing: 11/06/2017
Stop Publishing: 12/20/2017

The Senior Risk Analyst will be responsible for managing potential risks that may impact the Bank's existence, profitability or ability to operate.  The Senior Risk Analyst identifies and assesses risks by measuring any deviation from the Bank's expected outcomes or goals and works with the appropriate internal and external resources to develop plans to control the identified risks.  The Senior Risk Analyst is responsible for managing and reporting on the overall risks for the Bank as well as implementing the Bank's Risk Management program. The individual may work in a variety of areas that include and are not limited to enterprise risk; corporate governance; compliance risk; regulatory and operational risk; information and security risk; technology risk; market and credit risk; financial and strategic risk.  The Senior Risk Analyst also supports other bank-wide initiatives and projects by working with all areas and functions of the Bank.  As part of Risk Management, the Senior Risk Analyst supports the achievement of institutional and overall Risk Management work plans and goals.
Reporting RelationshipThe Senior Risk Analyst reports to the Senior Risk Officer and will work closely with other managers and executives of the Bank in an effort to meet the Bank's goals and objectives. The Senior Risk Analyst will communicate with internal and external partners.Major Duties and ResponsibilitiesSpecific tasks will depend on the areas of risk that the Senior Risk Analyst is focused  on, however the key responsibilities may include:"    Provide support, education and training to employees  to build a risk aware culture  and practice across the organization,  by working with the various business units, operational units and senior management.
o    Planning, creating and implementing  Bank's  overall risk management process, programs, policies and procedures.
o    Performing  risk  assessments,  which  involves  analyzing  risks  as  well  as  identifying, describing and estimating the risks affecting the business and its operations.
Establishing and managing the Bank's  risk appetite and statement, which define the level of risks that the Bank is willing to take.
o    Establish  and  manage  the  Bank's  ERM  program  through  an  automated  solution  that enables the collection, assessment and reporting of risks.
o    Risk reporting for different audiences, including but not limited to, the board of directors so they understand the most significant risks, to business units to ensure they are aware of risks relevant to their parts of the business, and to individuals to understand their accountability for individual risks.
o    Perform other related duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and AbilitiesThe ideal candidate for this position will have these key qualifications:
o    Experience in Banking and Community Development and/or in areas of risk, compliance and governance.
o    Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite programs, and other database software.
o    Excellent skills in managing multiple tasks requiring strong attention to detail.
o    High level of analytical, research and repmiing expertise.
o    Excellent leadership, interpersonal, team and communication skills (written and verbal)
o    Knowledge of banking regulations (OCC and FDIC)
o    Ability to work independently with limited supervision.
o    Ability to establish credibility and rapport.
o    Ability  to  communicate  and  function  professionally  with  all  levels  of  personnel  and business partners across the organization.
o    Must stay current on risk and business environment, as well as demonstrate good risk management decisions.
o    Able to take "full ownership" of issues until they are completely resolved.
o    Unpredictable hours, and  ability to  work long  hours  including weekends and  some evenings.Educational and Other  Requirementso    Undergraduate  degree   in   a   relevant   area   of   study   such  as,   finance,   business administration, urban planning or finance.
o    High  degree  of  self-motivation,  dedication,  creativity,  and  perseverance,  including flexibility with time and willingness to accept a demanding position.
o    Teamwork and time management skillsCompliance Training:
o        Must be willing to and successfully complete ongoing compliance training including but not limited to the Bank Secrecy Act, Bank Protection Act, Know Your Customer, CIP, USA Patriot Act, OFAC, Identity Theft, Anti Money Laundering, Community Reinvestment Act,   Safeguarding Customer Information (GLBA), Suspicious Activity Reporting, Rights to  Financial Privacy, Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Debt Collection Practices, Fair Housing Act/HUD, OCC Supervisory Guidelines on Foreclosure Management, Civil Service member Relief Act, Flood Insurance, Real Estate Appraisal Requirement, Record Retention, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Loans to Insiders - Regulation 0, Truth in Lending Act, Fair Credit Depository Act, Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, Safe Act, Consumer Privacy­ Reg P, Unfair and Deceptive Practices    - Reg AA, Fair Lending Laws, New Initiatives/Products, Consumer  Privacy - Reg  P,  Legal  Lending  Limits,  BSA/AML Guidelines

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